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Today the Carlsbad University Board will make a decision who reaches complete the vacancy kept by Kelli Moors’ departure. Republican Sage Naumann has applied for the career. What follows is a the latest interview with Naumann.

  • I went to Magnolia Elementary, Aviara Oaks Basic, Valley Midsection, and then.

Invitee Column Recently Sage Naumann, a Republican prospect for Carlsbad Unified University Table, manufactured news reports for aiming out a existing person in the Board (Kelli Moors) voted to increase a 6 shape contract into a law firm she required a job with just times after the vote. The history gotten sufficient insurance coverage due to Sage the Table chose to re-vote in the contract. It was not surprising in my opinion that Sage was the only person to capture this or how much carrying out the best point mattered to Sage. Sage Newman

I met Sage just over a year ago and possess been astounded by his motivation to higher his neighborhood colleges along with his figure being a prospect. He or she is the level of straight-ahead, issue-solving new breed of Republican applicant who is more worried carrying out precisely what is proper as an alternative to his individual aspirations.

With his figure being a prospect

Sept 16th the Carlsbad School Table will appoint another one for Ms. Moors. To assist Sage and for additional information on the appointment: Naumann North County

Http sagenaumann com appoint Sage Naumann

Is Sage in his personal words and phrases.

Sage in his personal

Q: Would you enroll in school in Carlsbad? What was your expertise like?

Sage: My initially Carlsbad school practical experience was with Primary Boone and his awesome wonderful staff of teachers at Magnolia Basic. Sage Naumann Carlsbad

I came to Magnolia Elementary, Aviara Oaks Elementary, Valley Center, after which Carlsbad Higher, spending all but 4 years of my education and learning in Carlsbad. I needed a fantastic overall experience, walked away with close friends I’ll keep for years, abilities that will light my path, as well as a satisfaction inside my section and my area. That is a big purpose I want to be sure that CUSD has balanced finances and a lasting upcoming, to ensure that we are able to give every single kid a top quality education, and ensure they walk away happy and ready to achieve their lifestyle objectives.

That will light my path as well

Q: What especially regarding your private political morals makes you a Republican?

Your private political morals makes you a

Sage: I believe in smaller sized, successful government. I really believe that this free market place is highly recommended the excellent equalizer, not the government. I think that our debts has to be maintained in a reasonable levels and repaid in because of time. I believe from the unalienable rights that the forefathers transcribed into our founding paperwork. Sage Carlsbad

In my opinion within this nation. I believe inside our constitution. I think inside the totally free marketplace. It’s so simple.

The totally free marketplace

  • This evening the Carlsbad School Board will choose who actually gets to fill the vacancy remaining by Kelli Moors’.
  • Sage Naumann North County.
  • September 16th the Carlsbad College Table will designate a replacement for Ms. Moors. To aid.
  • Sage: I really believe in more compact, efficient.
  • Q: What particularly regarding your personalized.