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Green Living – How Available Is Renewable Energy Technology To Homeowners Today?

lareunioncreative September 25, 2017

Energy costs continue to rise; the effects of global warming are becoming more and more apparent. Many people are questioning whether or not there is any truth to renewable energy technology. With the spin doctors of the press at the helm, many do not know the differences between “renewable” and “alternative” energy technology.

“Alternative” energy includes all renewable energy sources, but includes things like nuclear energy from municipal waste. “Renewable” energy technology is the energy that is replaced as it is being used. Wind energy and solar energy are two examples of “renewable” energy.

Now that we are clear of the differences, the question still remains, can a home or business benefit from renewable solar technology? The answer is… YES!!! The fact is that utilizing renewable energy technology in your home, you can literally save yourself thousands of dollars year after year. Because of the popularity of renewable energy over the past few years, the simplicity to meet your home’s energy needs can be achieved with a little handyman work.

There is so much information available, everyday people are building their own renewable energy products including solar panels and windmills. The great part is a little know-how and effort and saves you a lot of money, simply by building the systems yourself. If you are comparing a build your own system vs. a professional system, generally speaking, the professional systems are more efficient, however, the savings are still realized at a much faster rate when you build your own systems.

Every day the technology is getting better and better. The old solar electrical systems that were massive panels on your roof have been reduced to very thin layers of film that are twice as powerful and work on half the sunlight. You can find solar powered chargers for batteries, household items and even cell phones!!! I have a brief case that harnesses the sun with small, built-in panels on the side and can run my computer. The aerodynamic advances have allowed windmills to create even more electricity than ever before. The technology is becoming more and more prevalent. One of my favorite reminders is on the drive from Los Angeles to Palm Springs… the windmills are everywhere.

If you aren’t using renewable energy in your home or business it is time for you to put it to work for you. After all, if we all took more advantage of the renewable energy technology available to us, we could drastically lower our energy expenses, reduce global warming and decrease our dependence on oil and fossil fuels.

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