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Kitchen Remodeling

Before Starting a Kitchen Remodeling Project

lareunioncreative February 24, 2017

Kitchen remodeling can be overwhelming with all the factors-big and small, that have to be considered. However, it is undoubtedly among the most rewarding ventures any homeowner could undertake with benefits ranging from a good boost in home value, to enhanced everyday living, and other delightful fringes in between. Thus investing in the heart of your New York home is truly worth considering. So if you finally decide to go ahead with the project, here is a set of helpful starting tips ideal whether you are in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens, or Long Island.


There definitely is a reason behind wanting to undertake the project. Some of the most common reasons why homeowners do kitchen remodeling include:

(1) wanting to spice up an outdated design,
(2) integrating more efficient technology for a better functioning kitchen,
(3) recreating the kitchen to match to the current lifestyle of the family, or
(4) boosting home value for resale.

Enlist your needs and wants and number them according to priority. When prioritizing, see to it that repairs are given more attention so as not to create a greater and costlier problem out of them.


The blood-life of the project, your budget will sustain your kitchen remodeling efforts until completion. This makes financing a very crucial factor to consider as running out of money in the middle of the renovation could create loads of problems. One of the advantages of doing home improvement today is the very wide range of options you have. When choosing a loan program, look for features that complement with your needs and finances.

Minor or Major

Whether you go for a full-scale or surface-level kitchen remodeling will all boil down to how much budget you can afford to invest in the project. Another deciding factor would be your set of goals and how much work it would take to change the current setup. Ideally, if you find the everything about your kitchen unsightly and poorly functioning, or the changes that you want done involves changing the layout or other such major works then a full-scale project would be best.

Project Specification Plan

The more detailed you draft of kitchen remodeling project specification plan; the better your chances are at success. Include the key essentials to an efficient completion and lasting results which are craftsmanship, and quality products and supplies. Though hiring a qualified kitchen remodeling contractor can cost more, the fee will prove to be worth it. If you have to save, there are smart ways to do so without sacrificing the results such as buying quality items on a discount and scheduling the project during off-peak home improvement seasons. Review the plan again and again, and polish to perfection because as the project starts there will be no turning back and any changes could be very expensive.

Project Management

When it comes to kitchen remodeling project management, there are various ways to go about this from being your own contractor, or hiring a project manager or general contractor-part-time or full time. But either way, it is important to keep the lines of communication open with whoever you work with. Also, prepare your family on what to expect and prepare a makeshift kitchen

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