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Armstrong Air Conditioning

lareunioncreative February 2, 2017

Armstrong Air Conditioning has been in existence since 1928, providing heating and cooling solutions for residential and commercial businesses. The company offers a complete line of heating and cooling products, including oil and electric furnaces, central air conditioning and heat pump systems. The Armstrong Air Conditioning company is among the leaders in the industry utilizing and advance green technology in heating and air conditioning solutions. Air conditioners traditionally use a refrigerant called R22 which is harmful to the environment. This refrigerant is believed by many to be one of the strongest contributors to the depletion of the ozone layer, and has therefore been eliminated as a coolant option in Armstrong’s cooling systems.

Coolants make it possible for units to cool and dehumidify air. Armstrong air conditioners and heat pumps now incorporate a coolant known as R410a. This coolant is not only environmentally friendly; it also works more efficiently, providing better and more consistent cooling. While air conditioners and heat pumps which utilize R410a are slightly more expensive in their initial purchase price, they are more efficient, operating more effectively and thereby reducing long-term expenses associated with providing environmental controls for indoor facilities.

These high efficiency and more environmentally sound products carry the EnergyStar seal as well, making them eligible for tax credit. The federal tax credit associated with purchasing an energy efficient heating or cooling unit has been increased to 30 percent, and includes the cost of installation, up to a maximum dollar amount of $1,500. By purchasing and installing an Armstrong unit, you not only guarantee the quality of air for your business, school, residential apartment or condominium facilities, you also may rest assured that you are doing your part for the environment. In addition, you ensure that you reap the financial benefits of having a more efficient cooling system, reducing your long term expenses and receiving a substantial tax credit to boot.

Armstrong Air Conditioning is one of the leaders in the industry of commercial business and residential HVAC solutions. The company provides a wide range of units from which to choose, well suited to any building design. With the company’s commitment to providing top quality products and environmentally friendly methods for meeting your air conditioning and heating needs, it is a sound business decision to invest in systems provided by Armstrong.

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